Blog tour day: Happily this Christmas by Susan Mallery.


It’s the season of love, forgiveness… and tidings of trouble!

Happily this Christmas by Susan Mallery.  Review 

So mills and boon had asked me again to review this novel for them I was sent the ebook to read and what a nice thing to read leading up to Christmas and getting into the Christmas spirits.

So the heroine is Wynn Beauchene a single mum who has a successful business owner and also fancies her next door neighbour policeman Garrick McCabe who is the hero in this novel. She has a son who most mothers will be proud of,  the heroine is head strong and very good at of organising ( I wish I was this organised )

So the novel starts with the heroine trying to think of a way to get a date with her hunky policeman neighbour, I love how the author describe the daydream style of  “he’d looked over the summer, mowing his lawn...shirtless.”  Oh my 🥰🥰🥰

So what happens he knocks to ask advice regarding his pregnant daughter ( funny bit was she first thought he was referring her as a girlfriend lol) 

So the hero in the story wants to make his pregnant daughter feel comfortable staying, he is a devoted father and comes across as a nice humble family guy who make good husband material and I can see why the heroine in the novel fancy him.   But he is guarded as his marriage broke down he has no idea why his daughter stopped talking (that is why he is pulling all the stops when she coming to stay). But later in the novel you find out why.

And also losing someone on the job when he was undercover (spoilers need to read the novel) 

His daughter I found at first a bit moody and was giving the hero a really hard time, and I love how the heroine told it like it is to the daughter but also helping her feel comfortable by getting her to make snowman’s decorations (spoilers) and as you read on in the novel Wynn becomes like a mother figure to her which I liked.

But as you read on you see the fractured relationship between father and daughter start to mend no thanks to the ex wife (spoilers)

There is Sexual tension in this novel and the author writes this well not too saucy but mid and it suits this story and they take their time.

I really enjoyed this novel, I like the whole family feeling to this and that the hero and heroine took their time with regards to their feeling again I keep saying this but I can see this novel being a hallmark Christmas movie, as this has this vibe when you read this novel

I give this book 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

A warm build up to a romantic Christmas for both wynn and Garrick lots drama and feel good romance novel just in time for the autumn

So if you are looking for a novel to snuggle up on the couch to with a cup of hot chocolate this is the novel for you 

I highly recommend this 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰